Who we are

Silvia and Sonia

Very close twins, who since childhood we had spent a lot of time in the hotel with our grandmother Daria, who gave us passed the love and passion for this job to us. In 2005 at just 19 years old, when the grandmother wanted to sell everything, we decided with enthusiasm and desire to get involved in taking over the business… because we wanted to continue the path that she had taken and make sure that the hotel remained in the family. For us, “our hotel” is not just work, but a real child to grow and care for over the years. Our customers have become friends and we are their second family to them. The most beautiful sentence heard by guests, who have returned to the Hotel Villa Katy over the years is: “We are finally back in our house on Lake Garda“. The word HOME fills our hearts, precisely our goal since we started this wonderful adventure, making our customer feel at HOME. After all, our Hotel is called Villa Katy, because before becoming one, where in Villa, the house where our grandparents (Daria and Cesare) raised our mother Katy. What are you waiting for, come and visit us!

Misure di sicurezza nelle strutture ricettive (Covid-19)

La legge Provinciale prevede che…

  • Tra le persone deve essere tenuta la distanza di sicurezza di 1 metro.
  • All’interno delle strutture devono essere messe a disposizione degli ospiti mezzi di disinfettazione.
  • Nelle sale da pranzo e nelle zone bar sono ammesse tante persone quanti sono i posti a sedere. I tavoli devo essere disposti in modo da garantire una distanza di 1 metro. I tavoli e i dispositivi di separazione devono essere puliti e sanificati ad ogni cambio di cliente. La consumazione e la somministrazione al banco è consentita se mantenuta la distanza di 1 metro tra i clienti o se previste barriere di separazione. Per accedere al buffet gli ospiti devono indossare mascherina e igienizzarsi le mani.
  • Prima e dopo l’uso dei servizi igienici, è obbligatorio disinfettarsi le mani.

Ulteriori misure di sicurezza applicate nel nostro hotel:

  • Tutti i nostri collaboratori sono in buona salute quando lavorano per noi e hanno eseguito un corso speciale Covid “Secure Clean Hotel”.
  • L’ospite ha la possibilità di usare il nostro check-in online prima dell’arrivo.
  • Disinfettanti per le mani sono disponibili per voi in tutti i punti strategici della nostra struttura.
  • Le distanze di sicurezza sono adottate in tutti i settori della struttura.
  • I punti critici come ascensori, corrimani, maniglie delle porte, interruttori della luce, telecomandi ecc. vengono spesso disinfettati.
  • La distanza di sicurezza tra i tavoli viene mantenuta
  • Tutte le nostre stanze vengono sanificate con prodotti e un macchinari specifici per il Covid.

Viaggiare Sicuri

Covid-19 Security measures in accommodation

State Law No 4 of 8 May 2020 provides as follows:
  • A safety distance of one meter must be maintained between persons.
  • Adequate facilities for disinfection are available throughout the establishment. In the dining rooms and bar areas, no more people may be present than there are seats.
  • The following distance regulations apply between the tables: A distance of one meter between persons.
  • Consumption at the counter is only permitted if a distance of one meter is maintained between persons.
  • At the table, it is not necessary to wear respiratory protection.
  • At the buffet it is mandatory to wear respiratory protection and hand disinfection.
  • Hand disinfection is mandatory before and after going to the toilet.
Additional measures of our hotel:
  • All employees are healthy when working for us and they have conducted special Covid training “Secure Clean Hotel”
  • Please use our online check-in before you arrive.
  • Hand disinfectants are available for you at all strategic points.
  • Safety distances are adjusted in all areas.
  • Critical points such as lifts, handrails, door handles, light switches, remote controls etc. are often disinfected.
  • The safety distance between the tables is maintained. All the rooms are disinfectants with machinery and specific products.